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Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Life

It's been a while since I've updated! I wish I had more time in my day, then I could accomplish so much more!

Nate is almost done with his probation period. I am looking forward to that because then I can go on a ride a long with him and see what his work day is like. (If only he could go a on a ride a long with me ((a stay at home mother!!) When he was hired with North Ogden back in late October, they had planned on hiring two people. But just hired Nate. Then they had budget problems and never hired that second person. We have felt so grateful to even have a job. Just tonight Nate came home and said they are finally hiring that another person. I guess that must be a good sign! Nathan totally loves his job and is very dedicated to it. He is very liked and respected there. His co workers also appreciate his corny sense of humor! LOL! But he is also very professional and he even received a copy of a letter that was sent to the chief by a woman he had dealt with. She expressed her appreciation for Nate's excellent professionalism and kindness etc... It was pretty cool to see him making a difference in someone Else's life!

I started an awesome job back in Jan. I worked with kids that are Skyler's age. I really liked it but after two months I had to quit. It was way to stressful on the rest of the family and didn't even help out financially with the expense of daycare these days! (Although it sucked, I knew it was better for me to be at home raising my family) Now that life has slowed down just a little for me, I am trying to get back into school (it has been two semesters now). But for some reason I am seriously considering changing my major from elm. ed. to nursing. I am 99.5% positive I would absolutely enjoy working in labor and delivery! I just have to get past all those hard classes!! Wish me luck! I will try my best to update everyone! I am extremely grateful for all of my awesome friends and family. I am sorry i don't express that enough!

Skyler is doing well in school. He is even above average in reading! YAY!! He just had tubes put in his ears (for the second time) He missed a whole week of school. He was in a lot of pain but is doing much better now! He is really a great kid. Sometimes driving me crazy as he has developed his dad sarcasm! He is quite the little jokester! I see Nate in him so much, but other days I see myself in him a lot too. He is awesome with Kaleb and most of the time fights with Brayden! LOL they love each other but they do love to fight too!! Oh the joys of motherhood!

Brayden just turned 3! He is so funny! He will say the most off the wall things! One time we were driving and he was pointing out EVERYTHING in sight!! Then he starts freaking out screaming "Geico! Geico! Geico!" We were thinking he was a little weirdo, then we look up and see the dollars with eyes. (The money you could be saving with Geico) Me and Nate just busted up laughing! It was the funniest thing coming from Brayden. He is the sweetest little boys at times and other times a little devil child! But he is quick to say sorry and quick to forgive. I really see this kid growing up to be a sweetheart!

Kaleb is growing up way too fast. (so are Skyler and Brayden) but he is hardly a baby anymore and I kind of miss the baby in him. He is saying quite a few words now. My favorite is his attempt at "I love you"! My second favorite was when he looked outside and saw it snowing he got excited and started yelling, "bubble! Bubble!" So funny! He is such a happy go lucky little boy! Everyone ever babysitting him just loves him. He is really a big hit at the nursery at the gym!

I am so thankful for my awesome family (It is much easier to realize this at the end of the day when the kids are in bed and it is finally quiet!) But I really do have an awesome family and actually rejoice in the fact that we have all boys! I love it!

Isn't he just cute!

Thank you Aunt Pat!

Aunt Pat is always so thoughtful of the boys! She gave them each a Utah Jazz hat, and some skittles. They were so excited!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Snow!!

Talk about being sick of the snow!! Brayden and Kaleb didnt seem to mind the snow, but me and Nate are ready for 70 degree weather!

Cute little boys

Skyler, Brayden and Kaleb are talking to grandma and grandpa after returning from Chuck e cheese to celebrate Brayden's 3rd birthday!

Kaleb and Brayden enjoy soaking the bathroom floors!

Valenites Day 2009

I took these pictures on Valentines Day. I just love these boys!! They are so stinking cute!