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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaleb's little crisis!!

Okay so in Kaleb's short life he has been to the ER 3 times! Two of them being in just the last couple of months!! My gosh!! What is up with him!! The people there are starting to recognize me! You see just a couple of months ago, Kaleb stuck his hand into the back of the treadmill and it sucked his little fingers right in! It was awful! He had so much skin taken off that he didn't even bleed, just a whole bunch of fluid was leaking out! About a month later he was doing much better! (And several doses of gauge and ointment!) Then just last Friday he got a little bit sick. We were down in SLC and went inside a res truant. I noticed he seemed a bit warm so when we left we gave him some Tylenol and he slept the whole way home. He seemed just fine at that point. Then Nate drops me off at PT and took the boys to run some errands. Nate was about 10 or 15 minutes late picking me up. I was tempted to call him, but he called me first. He told me to have Sue pick me up and meet him at this gas station because he was going to have Kaleb ride in the ambulance up to the hospital. That is all he would say!! I'm majorly freaking out, having no idea what is going on!! I called Sue three times and with no answer, I frantically walked up to some guy standing by his truck and asked him to give me a ride to a gas station down the road so I could meet up with my baby that was going to the ER. He just looked at me like "what the hell?! So I started to cry and begged, "PLEASE!!" he nodded and I jumped in. A few blocks later Sue calls, I tell her where I am and jump out of the guys truck! He yells "good luck!" and I darted down Washington blvd running towards Sue! Yes I am sure I looked like a crazy lady! But all I can think of is how desperate I was to get to my baby!

On the other end, Nate was on the freeway coming to get me, he looked over his shoulder and saw Kaleb having a seizure. He wasn't even sure if Kaleb was breathing or not. He jumps off the freeway and turned into a gas station where some of his trooper friends were. He ran Kaleb inside where his friends radioed dispatch and he just held his neck to make sure Kaleb was getting air. Once Kaleb stopped the siezure he was out cold for about 15 minutes! During this time, I called and asked if everything was fine. I really thought Nate would say yes. But Nate simply said "No". Oh that was such an awful feeling. Finally when I arrived at the hospital Kaleb was being unloaded and had woken up just barely so I got to see him crying. That was such a HUGE relief! I was fearing the worst.

So all in all Kaleb got a blessing, we had were there for about 5 hours. Kaleb's blood and urine was tested. He was administered oxygen and fluids. He had a chest x-ray. But everything came back fine. The scary part was that we had to make sure that he didn't fever again. Since they believe that a sudden spike in temp. was too blame. His fever was close to 103 but he has had higher fevers that before. Its just because he went from normal to almost 103 way too fast! So they said that it won't be such a big deal if it doesn't occur in the next 24 hours. We have been sleep deprived this weekend, but most grateful for a healthy baby and a very supportive family!

The night before Easter Kaleb was wearing this striped shirt. A week or so later he was wearing it again on the day he was taken to the ER. Look at the before and after pictures of his shirt. We call this his super man shirt!!

Easter bunny left a few eggs with a dollar in them. The kids found all but one (we suppose! I mean why would he leave an odd amount?) Nate and I helped them search for just one more, but we had no such luck!

Easter Egg Hunt

Skyler and Brayden are WAY into collecting cards. Skyler is mostly interested into basketball and football cards. Brayden is so into WWE! His favorite guy is John Sena (is that how you spell it?!) Kaleb loves pretty much everything but he especially loves to have a soft stuffed animal to keep him warm at night. He carries that bunny around with him (and definitely his Elmo blanky!) The last month or so our family has been really trying to cut back on sugary stuff, and the Bunny knew this. Skyler pointed out that this year The Easter bunny didn't bring hardly any candy! (He had a look in his eye...he keeps insisting he knows there is really no Easter bunny!)


The Boys had so much fun coloring Easter eggs this year! Kaleb was too impatient to use the tongs so he just dipped his egg in out of the colors with his fingers!